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Ceramics Grinding, Industries Served

We manufacture products that provide superior performance for the most demanding applications.

For nearly five decades, Ceramics Grinding has serviced a diverse base of customers requiring precision advanced technical ceramics machining for a wide range of uses.

As an approved vendor for numerous leading companies throughout the U.S., such as General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon, we have been entrusted with some of the most critical proprietary ceramic products imaginable - from producing ceramic parts for Raytheon's missile and radar systems to test grinding armor grade silicon carbide parts for vehicles used by the U.S. Military.

We achieve excellence because we understand the benefits that the unique properties of advanced technical ceramics provides such as its resistance to friction, wear and corrosion, light weight, hardness, and ability to withstand extreme temperatures. This enables us to deliver the most durable, high quality industrial ceramic products to our customers.

While we provide a variety of ceramic grinding and machining services to a wide range of customers, we primarily service the following industries:
......... Defense
We manufacture custom ceramic rod products for defense applications that achieve customers' exact specifications. Products include ceramic rods for sensing systems (up to 12" in length with diameters from .015" to 2.00"); in addition to grinding high purity alumina for laser deflectors for customers like Raytheon, and antennas for Cobham Defense Electronic Systems.

We assist our medical industry customers to develop high purity ceramics for lasers and other diagnostic and medical instruments. Our high purity ceramics are manufactured specifically to meet the stringent demands of medical device applications that require durability, high tensile strength, thermal shock resistance, and high-temperature electrical resistivity.

We have the capabilities to manufacture ceramic microwave components, particularly those used in missile applications, to include ceramic cathodes, specialty electronic ceramics, microwave tubes, and other ceramic products used in high-power applications.

We custom manufacture ceramics for microwave photonics for advanced photonic applications such as those used in high speed optical receivers-assisting our customers in developing new communications techniques required for today's demanding security, detection, and surveillance applications.

We employ the most advanced technical ceramic techniques to meet the demands our semiconductor ceramics customers. These customers rely upon our expertise to fabricate parts for devices used to measure silicon wafers that can withstand the most chemically-intrusive environments wherever their semiconductor ceramics are utilized.

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