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Ceramic Grinding Company

Delivering advanced technical ceramics grinding of high purity alumina for 47 years.


Since 1962, Ceramics Grinding has specialized in providing ceramic machining and ceramic grinding services to companies in a variety of industries throughout the U.S., ranging from aerospace and defense systems companies to research departments in leading Universities.

We understand that attention to detail throughout the technical ceramic machining process and the application of advanced technical ceramics grinding techniques are the skills necessary to consistently meet the unique demands of our customers.

At Ceramics Grinding we take pride in doing everything possible to keep work here in the USA. We only Use USA manufactured Diamond Grinding Wheels and Diamond Coor Drills.
The ceramics we provide are also manufactured here in USA. We do not import machined parts or materials, all machined parts come from our facility. Those times when we may need to get some out side help we use local shops in the area.

Lets keep building USA and keep our jobs here.

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978.461.5935 | Ceramics2003@aol.com

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